Christmas Gift Guide 2020- Skincare

It is time for the second edition of my Christmas Gift Guide 2020, and this one is for all of the skincare lovers! You can check out my last edition on Home Fragrance here. Skincare is a very personal thing, and can be hard to purchase as a gift, so I am rounding up some tried and tested favourites that will make it a little bit easier.

Christmas Gift Guide 2020

A cleanser is a must for everyone, removing the day’s dirt, SPF and makeup is probably the most important step in your routine. The *iS Clinical Cleansing Complex is a great all rounder that removes makeup and impurities while resurfacing, deep cleansing and clearing the skin. Although this is a powerful cleanser, it is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and is suitable for all ages, making it the perfect gift. Another product from iS Clinical is the Sheald Recovery Balm, it protects, soothes and nourishes the skin and can be used for everything from post-treatment sensitivity to dry hands from all of the hand sanitizer!

Face mists are one of the favourite parts of my routine, used after cleansing for an extra boost of hydration or throughout the day to cool and hydrate the skin, they add that extra step that takes a second, but makes a huge difference. The Mario Badescu Facial Sprays are pretty hyped up, and for good reason. They hydrate and calm the skin giving the skin a healthy glow. There are four different options, for different concerns, and they also have a cute travel pack with three of the variants. This one, the Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender version, calms and hydrates the skin, and is enriched with vitamin c to protect the skin from environmental aggressors.

Moving on to moisturisers, I have an option for both day and night to hide the exhaustion from a busy life and a draining year. For day, the new *Filorga Lift-Structure Radiance Ultra-lifting Rosy-glow Fluid combines the lifting and plumping properties of the Lift-Structure range with a rosy glow to enhance skin radiance. It contains fine pearlescent particles for a subtle pink glow that suits all skin tones. The product isn’t shiny or shimmery on the skin, but leaves skin looking healthy and radiant. Next up for night, I have the Guerlain Midnight Secret Late Night Recovery Treatment to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and other signs of fatigue. Firstly this smells amazing, the scent alone is enough to help you feel more rested and less tired with hints of lavender and tonka bean. This product is what we all need after the year we have had, and with the festive season coming up and possible late nights (with social distancing measures applied), wake up looking well rested and revitalized, even if you don’t feel that way.

Skincare Gift Guide

Face masks are a great way to take some time out and focus on yourself, and the new *SVR Microgommage Lift Mask is such a treat. It combines both physical and chemical exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and target uneven skin tone and imperfections. It is enriched with vitamin A (retinol) for a gentle chemical exfoliation which is left on for ten minutes, after the ten minutes you add water and massage the skin, and the quartz and volcanic sand provide a physical exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the surface. The best part of this mask is the removal, because it contains 5% musk rose oil, it rinses off as a milk, and leaves skin hydrated and calm.

Sheet masks are perfect stocking fillers, and this two-step 100% Camellia Brightening Mask from Starskin nourishes and brightens the skin. The first step is to massage the oil into the skin, and then apply the sheet mask to lock it all in. A sheet mask is one way to get you to sit down, or lie down and relax, because else it may slip off your face.

Another stocking filler is lip balm, and I have chosen two options, for two budgets. The first one is the ultimate luxe pick, the La Mer Lip Balm, a minty moisturising treatment that doesn’t just coat the lips, but actually hydrates and protects them. It is obscenely expensive, but would be a hit as a gift. I also have the cute *Skoon Soentjies Lip Balm in Karoo Royale, which comes in a festive bauble ready to gift or hang on the tree. It is ultra-nourishing thanks to all the natural oils and butters, but doesn’t feel heavy on the lips, it also smells amazing.

Lastly, one of my most recent favourites, and one that I think anyone would love, is the new *Skoon Skinside Out All in One Beauty Smoothie. A jam packed smoothie mix, that can be used in a smoothie, mixed in juice or even just mixed with water, which is how I like it. There are three variants, one for elasticity, one for breakouts and one for sensitivity. I have the one for elasticity, it contains more than 50 ingredients, with the two stand-out ones being marine collagen and vitamin c. The best part, it actually tastes nice!

Skoon Skinside Out

Pheeww, I know it was a long one, haha, thanks for getting to the end of part two of my Christmas Gift Guide 2020. What skincare item is on your Christmas Wishlist?

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  1. Amy

    I love some of the products you picked out, I really must try some bits from Filorga.

  2. Rosie Ireland

    What a lovely gift guide, filled with so many amazing skincare bits!


  3. Rachel

    Oooh Starskin masks are amazing, I am a huge fan of those!

  4. Majean

    I haven’t tried anything from iS clinical before but sounds like a great gift to receive or give.

  5. Tarryn B

    Some amazing skincare ideas here. I’m really interested in trying iS Clinical.

    Are the Starskin masks available locally? A friend brought one for me from the UK and I loved it

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