Christmas Gift Guide 2020- Home Fragrance

The holidays are so close, I can almost smell it! And what better way to bring some festive cheer into our lives than with home fragrance. I adore home fragrances from candles to diffusers and most recently mist diffusers! I have put together a small Christmas Gift Guide for home fragrance lovers like myself.

Christmas Gift Guide Home Fragrance

First up the most Christmassy scent, Pine & Eucalyptus from Jo Malone London. This scent is available in a few different options, including a cute Scented Christmas Ornament to hang on your tree. The packaging is slightly different this year, as the products pictured here are from a previous collection. I have never been disappointed by Jo Malone candles of diffusers, the candles burn evenly and give off great scent, and the diffuser scent fills the room.

I also have a more affordable candle and diffuser option in the scent Nectarine Blossom, packaged in the prettiest box. The three wick candle burns well and gives off a lovely scent, and the diffuser also fills a room, although not as well as the Jo Malone.

Jo Malone Christmas 2020

Two more options on the more affordable side is this Charlotte Rhys Candle in Pure Charcoal and the French Lavender Pillow Mist from The Body Shop. The candle is very fresh and slightly masculine, and it burns well, although the scent it gives off is not as strong as I would like. I know a few people swear by these proudly South African candles, and I have bought a few other scents to try out, which may give better scent diffusion. The Pillow Mist would make a great stocking filler and fans of lavender will adore it! It gives linen a lovely scent which isn’t too overpowering, nobody wants to be suffocated with scent before bed.

For scented candle fans, Diptyque is a brand you can’t go wrong with, and Tuberose is absolutely beautiful. I love the scent of Tuberose, and this smells exactly like a fresh bouquet! My husband asked what I sprayed in our room because it smells so nice, and it was this candle, BEFORE I lit it! You can find Diptyque products at Skins Cosmetics online or in store.

Christmas Gift Guide Charlotte Rhys

Next up I have these Stoneglow Fragrance Oils from Cosy Chic, which smell out of this world. There is a scent for all tastes, and just a few drops in a Mist Diffuser will fill your home. My favourites are Pink Peony & Gardenia, Orris & Ylang Ylang and Silver Birch & Black Pepper. There are also candles and diffusers available in the same scents, although I haven’t tried them.

Stone Glow Home Fragrance South Africa

Thank you for popping by for this Christmas Gift Guide, there are six more to come, including skincare, makeup and fragrance! You can also check out my Fragrance Gift Guide from last year for some other ideas.

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  1. Amy

    I absolutely love home fragrance, I have my eye on a room spray from Diptiyque at the moment.

  2. Rosie Ireland

    OMG this my perfect gift guide! I love home fragrances, fresheners and candles! Love love love. I love a Jo Malone candle, they are just pure packaging goals!


  3. Lea-Mai Carter

    Definitely going to be checking out some of these! Been wanting something from Jo Malone for years x

  4. Majean

    I love candles, diffusers and room sprays. They make such great gifts.

  5. Siobhán

    I love Pine & Eucaltyptus – have you tried Orange Bitters?

    Home fragrance is my perfect gift! x


    1. admin

      I have, I actually have one I am hoarding! Also a stunning Christmas scent!

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