Breast Cancer Awareness invisibobble

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I usually do a mani to support Breast Cancer Month, but this time I will be sharing my ultimate hair band!

Invisibobble Pink Punch Review

I was sent over a pretty pale pink invisibobble, and I was excited! I wear my hair in a bun every single day, with nothing more than my invisbobble. I have them in all sorts of colours, including a bright pink, but I do not have a pale pink, so yay! I love that they do not snag my hair, leave that gross kink or break. Even though I use one every day, it has never snapped which is a first for me and hair bands. It does stretch quite a bit over time, but still works really well even when stretched.

Breast Cancer Awareness invisibobble

The invisibobble retails for between R60 and R80 for a pack of three. This might seem a bit expensive for hairbands, and yes, there are cheaper ‘fake’ ones on the market. And yes, I have tried them, and no
they do not compare. They are not as stretchy, so they are harder to get your bun into. They do not have a smooth surface, my hair has actually snagged on the seam. They are quite a bit thicker too.

Let’s support each other! With the limited invisibobble Breast Cancer Awareness Edition which features a brand new shade Pink Power with the breast cancer awareness ribbon looped inside. invisibobble collaborated with the Breast Cancer Now Organisation to help them continue their strong work in breast cancer research.

Pink Invisibobble Review

You can read more  about the invisibobble here.

Are you an invisibobble fan yet?

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  1. Lizna

    I love my invissibobbles too! I have to get some more soon I think I’ve misplaced 2 out of the 3 that I have

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