3INA Dark Holiday Collection

Have you seen one of the newest beauty brands to hit our shores yet? 3INA is both affordable and great quality, and they just brought out a limited edition edgy collection for the holidays. Let me introduce you to the 3INA Dark Holiday Collection! Don’t you just love limited edition collections?!

3INA Dark Holiday Collection 2016 Review

I did a bit of playing in store, and the Ulti-Matte Lipstick (R169.95) is definitely one my of must-haves from the collection! There are 4 shades available, and 602 is my favourite, the second one from the right in the picture below.

3INA Dark Holiday Collection 2016

These are totally matte and they leave a really nice stain once they start to fade.

3INA Dark Holiday Collection Ultimatte Lipstick Swatches

There are also 2 shades of a chubby cream blush stick (R199.95), both are quite understated and neutral, which is great, since the rest of the collection is bold bold bold.

3INA Dark Holiday Collection Chubby Cheek

And, what is a Holiday Collection without a stunning gold topper nail polish (R129.95)?

3INA Dark Holiday Collection 2016 Review

I was sent 2 products to test out, The Eyeshadow Palette (R299.95) and The Powder Pearls (R299.95).

3INA Dark Holiday Collection

My favourite product is definitely The Powder Pearls. It is stunning, quite pigmented, and gives skin a lovely glow. I love that it illuminates the skin without being shimmery or shiny.

3INA Dark Holiday Powder Shimmer Pearls

You can see the swatches below, both blended and not. How stunning! I think the Ulti-Matte Lipsticks and these Powder Pearls are a must!

3INA Dark Holiday Collection Powder Shimmer Pearls

I also got sent one of the eyeshadow palettes, Bright Party Colours, and yes it is bright, and is like a party on my lids. There is also a stunning nude palette called Smooth Nudes, which I actually prefer. You can see it in my in-store pictures above.

The palette itself is soft and buttery and highly pigmented. There isn’t much fallout either, which is a plus.

Top Tip: If you use these shadows wet, you will get an intense metallic eyeshadow, perfect for the festive season. The green and gold make a stunning combination, and throw in the top brownish shade along the lashline, and you are set!

3INA Dark Holiday Palette Swatches

The gold doesn’t show up well in the picture above, it is so much more pigmented and rich.

3INA Dark Holiday Collection

See anything to add onto your wishlist? Remember, this is a Limited Edition Collection, so think quick!

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  1. Abby

    Those powder pearls are exquisite!

  2. R Fourie

    Beautiful Powder Pearls 🙂

    1. admin

      They are gorgeous aren’t they?

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