Thailand and Singapore 2013

All packed and ready for Thailand and Singapore 2013!

And we are off to Thailand! What is there to do in Thailand?

First up, Bangkok:

As much as I love shopping, and believe me I do, when I am on holiday I never dedicate much time to it. I feel that is a waste of a holiday. I do somehow shop a lot though while walking through the streets, or en-route to eat or to an activity. I have some shopping tips listed right at the bottom of this post, by area.

Now, back to the fun stuff!

Siam Niramit in Bangkok! Awesome show! Amazing stage (it is listed in the Guinness book of records), and theatrics, and the pre-show entertainment is amazing. Take a trip through elements of rural Thailand, different regions and their specific house style. Have a buffet meal. Play games and win teddy bears. Watch magic shows, and all that is before the main show, so be sure to get there early enough.


A must in Pattaya is the 3D Art museum, what a fun experience! You need a good few hours there.

We also went to Sriracha Zoo, it was a fun, interactive experience, but sad because of the way the animals are kept.


This was our first time in Phuket, and we decided we will do nothing but relax and take it easy, no touring. And that is exactly what we did, swam and relaxed by the pool, walked on the beach and just wandered around. We stayed in Patong, which is a vibey and bustling area, the streets are always busy, and the atmosphere is just happy.

Jungceylon mall have some interesting beauty shops like Models Own, and this other Swedish brand i cant remember. They also have an original Melissa shop, you can just smell it! There is also a little fake Melissa pop up shop not even 100 meters from the original… WEIRD! But don’t be fooled, smell the shoes!

All aboard Singapore Airlines! What to do in Singapore?

Singapore is just fantastic! The city is really sophisticated. The subway is so easy to use, and we took it all the time. It is really an affordable mode of transport, but it does get quite packed in there, sardinish even.

Creme Brulee at the top of the Gardens by the bay! Amazing view of Marina Bay Sands!

This is a must see, I would suggest go in the afternoon/evening, visit all of the gardens and domes, and then go to the restaurant on top of the supertree garden. The rooftop of the restaurant is amazing, you can actually see Indonesia from there!

Feeling like a kid again!

What an experience! My boyfriend and I had the best time. I would suggest buying the universal express pass, spend the extra 40 Singapore Dollars. The pass allows you to skip the queue, it is amazing! Yes, you get death stares from the other queue which has been waiting there for 45 minutes or more, but it is worth it. We did not wait longer than 15 minutes for any ride, it is less frustrating, and you don’t waste half your day in a queue for a 30 second ride.

Yes, we made a chocolate wrapper at Hershey’s World! I am still trying to get my boyfriend to let us eat the chocolate inside, and replace it with Cadburys, or maybe Aero 🙂

Orchard Road… Designer shops galore on this road.

Because we are from Africa, and you know we have lions roaming the street, we decided to give the zoo a skip, and rather go to the River Safari and Night Zoo. It is at the same complex, but a different experience.

The River Safari is amazing, they have pandas, as well as the ecosystems of the the major rivers of the world. How cute are these coffees at the River Safari!

The Night Zoo was amazing too, we never really get to experience animals at night, so it was out of this world. You take a stroll along the paths on your own, it is so much fun 🙂 You can walk through open enclosures with flying squirrels above, and wallabies below. Just remember the insect repellent. The show is a must see too, it is really cute. And definitely do the tram ride, you have a guide who explains the animals along the way, elephants, lions and a whole lot more! We did the walking paths first, then the show, then the tram ride. There are buses which go back from the zoo complex to Orchard Road, since we only finished around midnight.

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