Thursday Plantation Acne Range Review

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 Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic found in the Melaleuca Alternifolia leaves which are native to Australia. The wonders of tea tree oil are never ending; mosquito bites, minor cuts, burns, and the list goes on... Another one of the uses of Tea Tree Oil is in skincare, it is known to reduce pimples, cleanse the skin and reduce inflammation. So, today I would like to introduce you to the NEW Thursday Plantation Acne Range. The Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Acne Range is effective, but gentle on the skin, and is perfect for all skin types, and all ages. The new *range…

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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Range Review

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I am sure we all know a few of the MANY benefits of Tea Tree Oil by now, right? So when a few products from the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Range landed at my door I was more than happy to try them out, and luckily I had a few bush holidays with plenty of bugs and scrapes to give them a really good trial! I was sent four products from the extensive *Thursday Plantation Product Range; The Cream, The Ointment, The Water Soluble 15% Solution and The 100% Pure Oil. And here are a few of the mishaps I…

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