Ordering from Sephora Online from South Africa

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Hi Ladies Sephora, The Beauty Authority which is sort of a unicorn to us in South Africa is now within reach! Yes, you heard me right! You can now order from Sephora Online. Yay! I have been lucky enough to travel overseas a couple of times and found myself standing in that black and white money gulper surrounded by all things beauty. But, that is at most once a year, and that is obviously not enough to get my beauty fix. Yes, I am a beauty addict, and no I do not have a problem. Let me give you the…

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September Favourites, A Fail and Empties!

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Hi Ladies Wow the year has flown past, just three months left! It is time for my September Favourites! I also have a fail, and some empties to share with you today. Let me start with the most weird and wonderful, the Baby Foot Mask, I bought this in Thailand, and it is so good! I had previously used the Skin Logic Foot Peel which you can find at Dischem, which made my feet peel mildly. This one on the other hand made my skin peel like a snake shedding its skin. I soaked my feet every other day which…

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