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Today I will be sharing my thoughts on a few products from Swiitch Beauty. I have previously bought a few makeup application products from Swiitch, and I was quite impressed by the quality, their discontinued Hi-Def Under-Eye Pod remains one of my favourites. I received three products to try out. The *Glowgasm Palette, the *Holy Grail Flash Case and the *G31 Contour Brush.

Swiitch Beauty Glowgasm Palette

First up, the Glowgasm Palette (R450). This palette is huge, and the pans are huge too! Luckily it is slim, so I managed to find space for it in my organiser. There are 5 powders and 1 cream highlighter in the palette. The powders are buttery soft, and there is a good variety of shades to suit all tastes.

Swiitch Beauty Glowgasm Highlighter

My favourite shades are the top and bottom left, a gorgeous rose gold and champagne shade. My least favourite is the yellow/gold shade, which is the cream. I love that these don’t have visible chunky glitter, and the intensity can be built up or sheered out depending on your preference and the brush you use. Below are heavy swatches of the palette.

Swiitch Beauty Glowgasm Highlighter Swatches

Moving on to the Flash Case (R300). When I first saw this I didn’t think much of it, as it resembled something kids would play with. But when I actually got to playing around, I found that these pigments made some amazing and unique lip shades! I applied lip balm, and then mixed a few colours together directly on my lips to get the desired shade. I never ended up photographing the shades I came up with, as it was always when I was in a rush to get out the door. Luckily, Swiitch Beauty did what I wanted to do, and documented over 100 wearable shade combinations with swatches quite nicely over here. These pigments can also be used as eye or face products, although I prefer using it on my lips.

Lastly, I was sent the G31 Contour Brush (R199). I am sort of over contouring to be honest, and I prefer a light dusting of bronzer to warm my face. So, I have been using this for highlighter instead. It picks up quite a bit of product, so if you like a sheer look, remember to blend well. I like how I can apply my highlighter quite precisely on the top of my cheekbones with this brush, and then blend out. It isn’t the softest brush, but if you are looking for an alternative to a fan brush (my favourite way to apply highlighter) then this is a good option.

Swiitch Beauty Flash Case

Have you tried anything from Swiitch Beauty?

*Press Sample

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  1. Simone Cameron

    Reading this I realise I have not seen my glowgasm palette in about a month. I have NO IDEA where it is. YIKES! Also love the glowgasm palette though and dido on the yellow cream shade.

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