Spending Ban… Say What?!?

Hi Ladies

So, I am supposed to be on a spending ban, since I did some major damage overseas, you can check out my beauty haul here.

Against better judgement I decided to go to Eastgate this weekend, you know, to do some research for the blog, beauty and fashion newness and all that… Excuses Excuses! But in all fairness I have been out of the country since December, and a lot can change in that time!

I always tell my boyfriend I have to go check what is going on at Clicks and Dischem, as if I am a shareholder or something!

Well, luckily I did go to Clicks, since I found a new Essence Collection called Rock Out! Think glow in the dark nail polish and silver eyeshadow. The only thing that caught my eye is the blush, which looks like a dupe of my MAC Azalea Blossom, take a closer look here. I will be doing a comparison post soon. For more details on the collection click here.

I picked up some Tip Top and Nubar nailpolishes. I haven’t tried Nubar before, the colours are amazing, and they are really reasonably priced, I think about R25. I also bought a MaxFactor foundation and Bourjois bronzer. And then of course the Essence blush.

My next stop was Edgars, where I bought some Kings & Queens goodies, I really love the packaging and the scents! I bought a couple extra which will be part of a box of goodies I am putting together, called PrettifulBlogBox. There will be a limited number of boxes for sale, and they will be filled with awesome products that I have been collecting.

And I always have to make a stop at Legit, there shoes and statement tees get me all the time!

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