South African Beauty Brands- The Body Edition

I love discovering new South African Beauty Brands! I don’t think we realise how many great, affordable products are made right here on our doorstep. Today I will be featuring a few new local body care products that I have been trying out, and in the coming weeks I will share some new local skincare. You can have a look at my previous post on South African Beauty Brands here.

I have sensitive underarms which I have mentioned a few times on the blog, so when I saw the Sahara Eco Roll-On from Pure Beginnings at Dischem I had to give it a try. I have been using it for more than a month now, and it has definitely reduced the irritation and sensitivity under my arms. The scent of it is okay, not my favourite, but it isn’t strong and doesn’t interfere with perfume. It keeps me feeling and smelling fresh, and I am keen to try the other scent. It is not an antiperspirant, so it won’t keep you dry, but it does make sure you don’t smell gross.

Soon after buying this I was sent the *Hydrating Body Lotion and *Revitalising Body Wash. Let’s start with the body wash because I am obsessed with it, and it is nearly finished! It smells like those little pink Romantics sweets, is gentle and moisturising while still making you feel clean. It doesn’t irritate the skin at all, and I have been using it daily without fail! Lastly, the lotion is light, also smells great, and moisturises well. I usually prefer a thicker cream in winter, but this one has surprised me. It is so light but somehow so nourishing.

South African Beauty Brands Pure Beginnings

The one thing I always have in my bag are wet wipes and hand cream! So, when The *Beaucience Hand Sanitiser and *African Extracts Hand & Nail Cream found their way to me, I knew I would put them to good use. I have used those terribly drying hand sanitisers before, and I was not a fan, so I was excited to see how this one would do, and it was great! It wasn’t drying, in fact it was quite hydrating but still made my hands feel less sticky and cleaner. It is quite runny, and not that thick sticky gel that I expected. I am really impressed by this! The hand cream has the signature African Extracts scent that I adore! It has quite a runny texture, which found me squeezing out way too much on more than one occasion. It is hydrating, but not as much as a thicker cream. It leaves my hands with a non-greasy satin feel which I love. If you have extremely dry hands, this won’t work for you, but if you are just looking for a light non-greasy hand cream that smells amazing, check it out!

South African Beauty Brands

Ah Shea Butter, what a glorious ingredient. Now add Lavender, and you have the perfect bed time treat for your hands and feet thanks to SOiL. The *Ugandan Shea Butter is hard to the touch, but melts as you apply it. It is great on feet and hands, especially cuticles. It is nourishing, hydrating and calming, and has been my go-to in this cold, dry winter!

South African Beauty Brands

I love using Soy Lites candles in winter, not only are they nourishing, warm and luxurious, they also burn well and smell heavenly. Cupid’s Touch contains Ylang Ylang and Rosewood and it is glorious! Applying warm candle wax to moisturise instead of a cold cream after a shower is out of this world.

Soy Lites Cupid Touch

Have you tried any of these products?

*Press Sample

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  1. Maisie

    The hand sanitiser sounds great! I often find them drying too so I will have to see if I can get this one over here! x

  2. Emma

    Who doesn’t love discovering a new candle!!
    Em x

  3. Sharon

    They do look very nice and clean which I love

  4. Terri Heckley

    It’s great discovering local brands! Everything looks and sounds fantastic x

  5. Lady Writes

    I like the sound of Soy Lites, that’s my kinda buy x

  6. Sarah

    Wow these all sound so lovely, I love finding local brands for skincare

  7. Kelly-Anne

    Oh these sounds pretty amazing, you always discover little gems don’t you!

  8. Lauren

    The soy lites candles so wonderful. I can imagine they make a home feel much more comfortable, as well as smelling beautiful x

  9. Rosie

    Ooh I’ve never heard of this brand before but they sound wonderful. I’m really struggling with skincare right now because I am a heap of sweaty mess!

  10. Alice Spake

    I love seeing products found in different countries! xx

  11. Cole

    Ooooh these all sound lovely!

  12. Candice

    Those Soy lites looks really interesting

    Candice | Natalya Amour

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