Shopping Tips: South East Asia


Bangkok to me is a shoppers paradise,we stay in Pratunam, which is the best place for shopping. It is cheap and has really nice things. They have street markets around Baiyoke Sky where I always find great things. Luckily I have the best most patient boyfriend in the world, who happily waits for me even if he is starving and we were on our way to eat before I got distracted.

If you walk away from Baiyoke, towards Indra Regent, and just continue walking, there will be a shop on your left on the corner which sells Muay Thai t shirts, continue to walk, and you will wander into the best wholesale market ever. You will find amazing clothes for not more than R100. If you buy more than 3 it will be even cheaper because they will give you a wholesale price.

Platinum mall, also in Pratunam is great too, I have found it a bit expensive compared to the markets, but not compared to SA. They have two malls, I prefer the one where the McDonald is, I always find really great shoes here.

Boots is great too, they usually have 3 for 2 specials, even on Soap and Glory.

If you are looking for Benefit Cosmetics there is one in Zen, which is a big department store inside Central Mall(also in Pratunam)

MBK is great too, eight floors of great, but I don’t really have the patience for it unfortunately.

Chatuchak (JJ) is the weekend market, it is huge. I didn’t really enjoy it though, it was too hot and confusing. My bf did find quite a few things.

Close to JJ market is union mall, which is apparently amazing, and extremely cheap. I have not been there before, but my friend went and said it was amazing.

There is also a street called Patpong which has okay things, mostly knock offs though, which doesn’t really interest me. I would suggest go to the markets in Pratunam first, they are much cheaper. Patpong is a nice experience though, expect to be approached with a menu of ping pong shows and all the rest 😛

Siam Paragon is an expensive mall, but it has an aquarium in it, which is really nice.

Central Mall is huge, and it has the usual shops that we have here. With a few extras like Dorothy Perkins. We often watch a movie there, give there first class cinema a go!


The are markets everywhere along the street, although I didn’t buy much here, I found the same stuff more expensive here than in Bangkok.


Theprasit market is really amazing! They have styles that I have never seen in Thailand before. It is a weekend market, we went on a Saturday night. It is not a very big market, and doesn’t take too long to get through.

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