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Hi Ladies

Today on Shop My Stash I have some glosses!


First up, MAC Water Shiny Lipgloss in Glosspitality, this gloss is super shiny, and not sticky at all, it doesn’t have much of a colour to it though, so it is perfect for a nude glossy lip, or over a bright lipstick. I am no longer the biggest fan of extremely glossy lips, so this will be added to my blogsale here for R60, used twice.

Next, MAC Superglass in Sweet Tart, a light pink gloss with shimmer. Super shiny, super shimmery and super thick, none of these are a bad thing, but at almost 28 years old, I think I need to give this up. So, blogsale here for R80, used a couple of times.

Lastly, Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Gloss, a sheer yellow gold gloss, which really adds volume to my lips and makes them look all plump and healthy. There are little glitter particles in it, but you can’t see them when it is applied, it applies almost completely sheer. I am keeping this, for plump lips sake.

Thank you for reading Ladies!

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