New Essence and Catrice Collections Now in Store!

I love finding new Essence and Catrice Limited Collections when I walk into Clicks or Dischem, so I was super excited to find the Essence ‘Be Loud’ and the Catrice ‘Thrilling me Softly’ collections at my local Dischem.

Shy, timid, restrained? Quite the opposite! With the new Essence trend edition “Be Loud!”, the name says it all. Calling all beauties to be loud, be free – be you! Today’s generation of girls are independent, strong and assertive, and this power needs to be expressed with a cool look too! Camouflage prints and expressive colours are all the rage. Bright pink, purple, orange and apricot meet upon hip olive, stone, gold and black in these trendy products. To keep all these awesome products close at hand, there’s a practical cosmetics bag with a zipper and a camouflage design. Shout out – Be Loud – with essence!

This collection has a nail art set, makeup bag, five nail polishes, two blushes, two jumbo lip sheer sticks, one jumbo eye pencil, and three eyeshadows.

I got myself both blushes, one eyeshadow duo and both jumbo lip sticks.

Next up is the Catrice Collection

Belles Rebelles. A rebellion on a mission to create new paths and more passion in the world of fashion. A reunion with gothic culture is developing into an exciting encounter. Catwalks are covered in leather and lace. Graceful, mysterious and feminine. Black dominates the field in a modern interpretation combined with bright reds as well as soft rosé and nude shades. Highlights are set in a cool gold and purple. The Limited Edition “Thrilling me Softly” by CATRICE translates this trend into the language of beauty. Eyes, lips and nails are accentuated with partially metallic and partially matte effects as well as soft textures. The innovative Lace Patch Eyeliners in an artistic lace design are already considered THE beauty must-have of the coming season. Gothic Chic – by CATRICE.

This collection has two eyeshadow trios, lace patch eyeliners, a cat eyes eyeliner pen, mascara, three glossy lip stains, two blush sticks and five nail polishes.

From this collection I bought both blush sticks and the cat eyeliner. After writing this post, I think I should have gotten at least one of the lip stains and definitely the mascara!

Happy Shopping Ladies


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