Nails of the day!

For today’s nails I used Maybelline Color Show in Pink Boom, and Ruby Wing in Meadow.

I love the creamy pink colour, this is three coats, I found that two coats still showed a bit of VNL. It dried fairly quickly, and was easy to apply.

The Ruby Wing silver is a colour changing polish, but it has been dark and dreary and full of rain, so no colour change for me. Or you in fact. 🙂

I am glad it didn’t change though, the colour wouldnt actually go with the pink very well, as it is a rose gold type colour. (I forgot that when I decided on this polish for the accent)

I used striping tape in a random pattern. Once the pink polish was completely dry, I made a pattern, then painted over the tape with the silver. I let the silver dry partially, and then slowly peeled the tape off.

Followed with a top coat, and done!


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