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Milk Solutions is a fully comprehensive, upmarket range of treatment products, designed with the professional manicurist’s and pedicurist’s requirements in mind. The products will enhance your customer’s treatment experience, whilst offering superior, yet surprisingly affordable results. Milk Solutions also has a full homecare range to ensure continuity at home.

I am so glad they have an at home range, because these products are awesome! I was sent a sugar scrub and foam bath from the Fruit Range, and a massage candle from the Milk and Honey Range.

The sugar scrub is described as delicately fragranced and rich in hyaluronic acid to gently exfoliate the body. I love sugar scrubs, especially in winter! I like to apply it to dry skin, scrub, and then rinse off, and moisurise or oil up. The scent is amazing and fresh, and I would love to try the whole range. For R200 you get a big tub, which is sure to last you a while. There are two scents, Soya Milk and Quince, which I have, and Grapefruit and Pomegranate, which I am sure will smell equally lovely.

Next up is the foam bath, which is moisturising to nourish and balance the skin. And who doesn’t like to relax in a hot bath in this dreary weather! The foam bath also comes in two scents, and I am loving the soya milk and quince! It is R88 for this foam bath. What I love is you only need 10ml, compared to glugs and glugs of some others that I have used. I am not exactly sure what glugs means, but in my mind it is the sound when you pour it out the bottle. 🙂

Lastly, the massage candle. I love love love the scent, it smells like faint beeswax and honey and everything yummy. It is a soya based massage candle, with a relaxing rooibos and honey fragrance. It is extremely moistuising, and I love that it is warm already by the time you apply it. Just light the candle, let it melt, and massage onto skin. Even better, get your other half to massage you! This is a decent sized candle for only R200, and you don’t need to use much at all.Check out their website here for stockists!

Have a good long weekend to all in South Africa!

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