Mani Monday with Essie, Essence and Sinful!

 For today’s Mani I used four different polishes, and I was happy with the results.

The red is Twin Sweater Set from Essie, which is a great polish, no streaking, and this was just two coats.

The white is by Sinful, called Snow me White, it is one of my favourite white polishes, as most streak really badly, but this one doesn’t, I used two coats of this too.

The grey textured polish is from Essence, and called Headphones on. I used two coats, the first coat is a bit sheer, but with a second one it is perfect. It is a bit hard to remove, but not as bad as glitter polishes.

The speckled polish is Unwrap Me by Sinful, and layered over the white looks so cool! There was no fishing needed for the glitter pieces, and this is just one coat. There are red and black pieces in this polish.

Have a good week Ladies!

The Stila winner will be announced later today… Good Luck all!

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