Julienne Brow Products

Hi! Today I would like to share my review of a few Julienne Brow Products, a new, affordable and cruelty free range.

Julienne Brow Products Review

There are four *products in the range available in different shades. A Brow Tint, Retractable Brow Pencil, Brow Pomade and Brow Cushion. Yep, a cushion!

Julienne Brow Products Review

The Brow Tint gives a natural but long lasting look. I gave this to my aunt as I don’t tint my brows. She found it easy to use, and after use, her brows looked darker but not too dramatic and still natural.

The Retractable Brow Pencil is a triangular shaped pencil with a soft spoolie to blend out perfectly. I usually prefer a micro brow pencil, so I was a bit skeptical about this triangle tip, but it works to fill brows and give a natural looking full brow. I find myself reaching for this a lot recently as it is just a quick and easy product to use.

The Brow Pomade is creamy, water resistant and smudge proof for full bold brows. I am not too much of a fan of pomades, I prefer pencils, but this does a good job and can be blended for a more natural finish.

The Brow Cushion is two toned so you can get the perfect shade, it dries quickly and is also smudge proof and water resistant. It comes with it’s own applicator too. I enjoyed using this, and I think those who like a powder or pomade would enjoy this, but I find myself reaching for the pencil more for the ease of use.

I did notice that even though I have Dark Brown in all of the products, the undertone, intensity and shade differs quite a bit, so I would recommend testing it out in store.

Swatches from Top to Bottom:

Retractable Brow Pencil- Dark Brown

Brow Cushion- Dark Brown

Brow Pomade- Dark Brown

Julienne Brow Dark Brown Swatches

Julienne Brow Products are available at Dischem and online with free delivery.

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  1. Amy

    I have never heard of this brand before, they do sound quite nice products.

  2. Katie

    I’ve never heard of this brand. They sound amazing xx

  3. Georgia Anne

    I’m not a big wearer of makeup anymore, I have acne prone skin and tbh I never go anywhere worth putting makeup on for, but these products sound really tempting and they’re the same colours I’d normally pick too since I’m quite dark on my brows.

  4. Gemma

    The retractable brow pencil sounds perfect for me, I can’t be without a brow pencil!

  5. Parie Joshi

    I am terrible when it comes to brows, I need to up my game!


  6. Beautyqueenuk

    The brow cushion sounds amazing, but definitely a Brand I’ve not come across before x

  7. Siobhán

    I’d love to try a brow cushion! x

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  8. Caitylis

    That middle shade looks so perfect for me! I find eyebrow products always make my eyebrows look like I’m nauturally a red head? But these pigments look actually brown! Caitylis x x

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