I am back! And I have so much to share! First up- Nails of the past day…

I am back from my amazing holiday!

I will do a more detailed post on my travels soon, but basically this was the best holiday my bf and I have ever had! Singapore and Phuket were out of this world! Bangkok was its usual amazing self, and Pattaya was relaxing and great for shopping…

More on my travels later…

These were nails I had done a while ago, but hadn’t had a chance to post. They were inspired by Nails by Nemo

Above is with a top coat, and below is without.

I used Sinful- Snow me white, and Revolution- Boogie.

The Revolution polish applies really smoothly, and is a great colour. The Sinful white is a bit streaky, but okay. The flowers are dried flowers that I had bought for nails, and cut in two to fit my nails.

Thanks for reading!

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