Happy Wedgeday!

Dear Weather… Please cheer up!

Legit Wedge Heel

This dark and dreary weather is really starting to get to me… So here is some brightness for you!

These wedges are from Legit. When I first saw this wedge I was obsessed with it, but there wasn’t a size 4 for me! So, I searched everywhere, called so many stores, and finally found one at Greenstone. So, I finally had it in my shoe closet!

A girl has to have what a girl has to have… Right? 🙂

I love the colours of the wedge, as well as the height. Not too high, not too low. I love peep-toes by the way. I have worn these wedges once, possible twice and once again, with neutral colours. The comfort level is medium, the heel is a bit thin, but not too bad, I can walk without landing on my face!

Happy Wedgeday!

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