Getting Organised!

 Hi Ladies

I finally bought myself an organiser, and I realised, I have way too many products! (As if I didn’t know that already) I am totally grateful for all that I have, both what I have been given, and what I have bought, and I do work hard to buy all these pretty things 🙂

I bought this four tier organiser, it has three drawers, and a hinged top. I find the top compartment a bit useless, since I like to have my other organiser on top of it, it becomes a mission to get anything out. So, I put extras of things I have in there, like nail buffers, eyelash curlers, etc as well as things I don’t use often, such as fake lashes.

In my smaller organisers I have lip and eye products that I use mostly everyday.

In the top drawer I have my most used blushes, highlighters, powders and bronzers.

In the next drawer I have primers, who knows why I have so many, the search for perfect looking skin maybe? And that Illamasqua highlighter shouldn’t be there!

Lastly are my foundations and BB/CC Creams.

And now for the problem… I am a hoarder of sorts, and have tons of products that I stash away and only use now and again, when I remember I have them. And I have no space for them in my new organiser!

As you can tell I love eye liners!

And I love lip goodies even more!

And face goodies are probably on par with the lippies!

So, I have no place in my organiser to put all of these products, and I find that if I don’t see something, I don’t use it. Which is a problem!

I challenge myself to shop my stash once a week, instead of shopping at actual shops, I am sure I will rediscover some gems along the way!

How do you organise your beauty products?

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