Gelish Dip Review

A new manicure system called Gelish Dip is launching in SA soon, and I got to try it out. Now, let me first tell you that I have never had any sort of overlay done, not gel, or gelish, or acrylic, or anything. I only ever wear nail polish, and I love that my nails are in really good condition. So, I was slightly worried about the effect on my nails, but I am happy to say my natural nails have not been affected in any way.

Gelish Dip, What is it, How does it work, How long does it last?

What is Gelish Dip?

It is the first dip system in the world to be infused with gelish. It falls between Gelish and Acrylic in wear time. It is odourless and doesn’t need a light to set and it only takes 5 minutes more to soak off than Gelish. There is a good range of shades, 44 to start with and soon the upcoming Limited Editions will also be available in Gelish Dip. Talking about Limited Editions, have you seen my review of the Morgan Taylor Beauty and The Beast Collection?

Gelish Dip Colours

How does it work?

You choose your shade, just as you usually would. Except the shade is a velvety powder. I chose Black Cherry Berry and Give Me Gold. Your nails are filed and buffed and a prep coat is applied. A base coat is then applied and your nail is dipped into the powder and dusted off. This happens 2-3 times.

How does gelish dip work

Then an activator coat is applied, and your nails are buffed smooth to get rid of any bumps. Lastly a top coat is applied for that glossy finish and that is it. No light needed, no long drying time. The entire process takes about 40 minutes, and the drying time is about 4 minutes.

Gelish Dip How TO

How does it look? As you can see below, my nails looks shiny and glossy.

Gelish Dip Review

How long does it last? The picture below is more than 3 weeks later. Aside from the growth of my nails, and a few scratches, it still looks perfect to me! Also, if your nails are in need of a bit of TLC, check out the new *Daily Elixir from Morgan Taylor.

Gelish Dip Review

Where can I get it done? Salons that currently offer Gelish, will probably be doing the Gelish Dip, and this includes Sorbet Salons. There have been a few counterfeit issues, where salons are offering Gelish, but it isn’t actually Gelish, so just something to be aware of next time you book. If you are unsure, contact Sparkle Cosmetics and they will verify whether it is actually Gelish.

So, overall I am impressed with Gelish Dip. I love that it is super quick to dry and lasts 3 weeks, and would be the perfect mani before a holiday! Would I do it again? Probably not, as I don’t like having to go for a soak off, I prefer the freedom of being able to remove my polish at home. But for ladies who currently use Gelish or Acrylic, I think this new system is definitely something to check out.

Will you be trying the Gelish Dip?

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  1. Ashely

    What’s the color of your nails ? Is it the Gelish Dip powder as well? Thank you in advance!

    1. admin

      Hi, yip they are both the Gelish Dip powders mentioned in the post.  Black Cherry Berry and Give Me Gold.

  2. Crystal M.

    I would love to know the name of the gold dip on your ring finger? Thx!

    1. admin

      It’s called Give me gold, it’s lovely isn’t it?

      1. Alicia White

        I just tried the dip for the first time, how long before the color on my finger goes away. It looks stained

        1. admin

          I don’t think that should have happened. My fingers were not stained, as the powder just gets brushed off 😐

  3. Vanessa Christiane

    Sounds FABULOUS! Which Salon Groups do this? We don’t have much of a choice in George.

    A new branch of Sorbet has just opened up – perhaps I could gind out from them! Doesn’t sound like a major mission to me – timing wise – it’s around the same as a normal manicure would be.

    1. admin

      All/most Sorbet salons should do it, just call the local one and I am sure they can give you more details. Let me know what you think of it!

  4. Laetitia

    Can anyone please tell me where I can purchase this products please.

    1. admin

      Hi, this product is sold to salons only. You can get your nails done at a salon that offers Gelish Dip.

  5. Kaylyn Van As

    Probably not. Like you, I prefer having the freedom to change my nail polish at any time. However, it’s awesome that no light is needed!

    1. admin

      Yip, exactly! Although if I go on holiday for more than a week I will definitely consider it again!

  6. R Fourie

    I have an acrylic dip powder kit and a gel kit but because of the “soak off” procedure, I hardly ever use it.

    1. admin

      Yip, it is a bit of a mission. But I guess having to do it only every 3 weeks is a plus!

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