Fancying Friday with Mr Price

We all know how much I love Mr Price…

If you do not know… It is a lot!

These are a few of my picks:

I love statement tees, and these two sweaters are so cool! I especially love the shoulder detail of the FANCY top.

The green embellished top is so pretty, and a great colour for winter.

The quilted black boot is a must for this season, so go get yourself one!

I LOVE Pjs, and how cute is the Pug PJ top?

I love the moustache PJ set too, “I must dash to bed”! How cute!

And these two onesies are adorable, I love onesies, and have quite a few. These are quite plain, except for the cute faces on the hoodies!

And lastly, cold weather calls for a beanie, so why not a SELFIE beanie!

Happy Friday Ladies!

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