El Cheapo Highlight and Contour kit!

I love a great bargain, and I love to share my finds with you on my page here. Usually my bargains are specials or sales, but today I have two amazing products for you that are just CHEAP!

These contour sets are from Dischem, and are only R50 each, they are from the Beauty Treats Brand! The palette on the left is the peach glow, which has warmer undertones, and the one on the right is the pink, which has cooler undertones.

I have used the peach so far, and I loved it! The highlighter is great, and isn’t too shimmery, it just gives skin a radiant glow. The blush gives cheeks a flushed look, and isn’t that bright cheap clown pink. The contour is the perfect matte powder, and blends well.

All in all, I am really happy with these two palettes, and I am even considering getting some extras to stash away for when these are finished!

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