Catrice VS Clarins… Dupe or no Dupe?

Hi Ladies

Today I have a review/comparison of the Catrice Lip Smoothers and the Clarins Lip Perfectors.


As soon as I heard about the Catrice Lippies, I knew they had to be mine! I did a preview of them a while ago, and I am glad to announce, they are finally in store and for R62, they are definitely worth it!

The Beautifying Lip Smoother complements every natural make-up look: a subtle colour dispersion in pastel rosé and gentle nude shades with a glossy finish ensure a soft, well-groomed appearance. The Lip Smoother visibly evens out fine lines around your lips for flawless results. Its flock applicator and the practical tube packaging perfectly round off the concept.

The applicator as you can see above, is exactly the same as the Clarins one, and the scent is pretty similiar too, a yummy sweet scent. The applicator is really easy to use, just squeeze lightly, the product comes out and apply.

There are three different shades, from top to bottom, 010 Sweet Caramel 020 Apricot Cream and 030 Cake Pop. If I had to pick a favourite I would choose Cake Pop, the pink one!

I love the slight colour and glossiness of them, as well as how long they last. They also do a really great job at moisturising lips, so, if you love a nude lip, do give these a try.

Below are swatches of the Clarins products, as you can see, they are pretty similiar.

And so… Dupe or No Dupe?

Packaging- Dupe

Application- Dupe

Texture- Mostly a Dupe

Scent- Dupe

Efficacy- Dupe

Definite dupe in my opinion!

Until next time Ladies!

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