Dermalogica Giveaway

Dermalogica Giveaway

The Dermalogica brand is synonymous with high quality professional skincare. The Dermalogica Concept Stores embody the simplicity and sophistication that Dermalogica is known for.

This is what Dermalogica has to say about its concept stores

“Dermalogica Concept Spaces represent the Dermalogica brand values and vision at their most pure, both to our consumers and to our trade, through a consistency of the shared language, customs, aesthetics and beliefs that define the Dermalogica tribe and its leadership role in the industry. The design of the stores bring to life our belief that skin health is an active, vibrant part of daily well-being, and not a cosmetic “luxury.” They are approachable, accessible and human. The result elevates respect for the skin care therapist, through a shared knowledge of skin fitness and health, and outstanding customer service.”

With a change in season, comes a need to reassess your skincare needs. Dermalogica does just that at its concept stores. I have had a few treatments at some of the concept stores, and my favourite has got to be the Ionactive Power Treatment, which is a supercharged facial that gives immediate visible results. For busy ladies on the go, the 20 minute Microzone Treatment is perfect for targetting specific skin issues. My favourite part of any Dermalogica Treatment is the Face Mapping, which is a detailed skin analysis that informs which treatment and home-care products are best for you. It can also identify underlying health problems such as hormonal imbalance, stress, poor diet, etc. I think it is very important to do a Face Mapping Skin Analysis before every treatment, since skin condition and needs change frequently.


Together with Dermalogica SA, I am giving away a Skin Bar Lesson at one of the Dermalogica Concept Stores which is a one-on-one skin lesson with a skin-care therapist, as well as a goodie bag with three full-size products to one lucky lady and three friends. Each person will receive a Multi Active Toner, Active Moist 50ml & the NEW Phyto Replenish Oil. How amazing is that? The total value of the prize is R10 520.


P.S. The Skin Bar Lesson is free, so everyone can get a one-on-one chat with a skincare therapist!

You can enter via the Rafflecopter below, and in the meantime, start practising your Dewy Skin DIY. You can give your skin an instant lift and promote the absorption of the Phyto Replenish Oil with this massage technique. You can read my First Impressions on the Oil here.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

1) Duration of competition 07 – 18 November 2016

2) There will be 1 winner that can take along 3 friends to the skin bar lesson. All four ladies will receive a goodie bag upon completion of skin bar lesson.

3) Prize phyto replenish oil R 1 290, Active Moist 50ml R 700 and Multi Active Toner R 640 = R 2 630 per person. Skin Bar lesson – free service. Overall cost of prize for 4 people = R10 520

4) The winner will be notified by email and/or telephone within 48 hours of the closing date. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not claim the prize within 3 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner

5) The promoter will notify the winner when and how the prize will be delivered.

6) Only open to South African residents

7) All entries will be verified

8) Dermalogica SA will provide the goodie bags to the winner and friends

9) Don’t forget to include the #skinhealth

10) Unfollowers, I know who you are

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  1. ChaleneC

    Ooooooh YES Please!!! What a fantastic opportunity for my 3 BFF’s and myself for a fabulous pamper and divine skin treatment. We have all had our ups and downs this this with loss of loved ones and having to move homes, so this would be such a treat. #skinhealth

  2. Wendy Stroud

    Oh my what an amazing prize to win!!! I would love to go with my daughter and two sisters as we could all do with some expert advice for our skin at our age. We all deserve to treat ourselves as women but never take, or get, the time to be a little selfish for once. #skinhealth

  3. Bev Breeds

    I would love to take my niece and two sisters with me to this wonderful event. They so deserve to go with me as they are amazing women and could do with this great treatment with me. They all work so hard and never get the time to spoil themselves. #skinhealth

  4. Cathy Badenhorst

    What a fantastic opportunity to spend time with my favourite women. I would take my daughter, my sister and my sister in law with me as we love spending time together. We love going on pamper sessions together so this would be perfect as we have not done this for quite so time, now due to our hectic schedules. We all love Dermalogica products so this would be a major bonus for all 4 of us. #skinhealth

  5. Cathy Badenhorst

    What a fantastic opportunity to spend time with my favourite women. I would take my daughter, my sister and my sister in law with me as we love spending time together. We love going on pamper sessions together so this would be perfect as we have not done this for quite so time, now due to our hectic schedules. We all love Dermalogica products so this would be a major bonus for all 4 of us.

  6. Daniela Cardoso

    I would definitely take my Mom and 2 amazing Aunts with me as they are the most special women in my life, and are always there for me unconditionally. It would be amazing to be able to spend a “girls” pamper day out with them, and spoil them in this very special way as my way of saying thank you to them for always being there for me. #skinhealth

  7. Zanele Thompson

    This is so cool.

  8. Marné

    This is a great treat for the holidays coming up! I would take three random ladies working with me. Because if you work hard together, you must play hard together!

  9. elizabeth

    I would take my three best friends. We are all moms with small kids and this would be the perfect retreat!! Fingers crossed..

  10. Coral Le Roux

    Wow, how lovely is this #Demalogica #Giveaway! Thank you #Prettifulblog! I would take my sister, my daughter and my best friend of 35 years. They have all had a rough year, for different reasons, but have come out the other side. It would be lovely to celebrate like this with them.

  11. Erica

    I would definitely take 3 friends. That way we could be pampered and have a good time all at once.

  12. Nicole Dirks

    I’d love to win this to treat my bridesmaids before my big day <3 we all deserve a little treat for our skin for all the hard work we've put into making this day magical for all.

  13. Ritza

    I’ve I won this amazing prize I would take my best friend Kerri, my husband Elrico and my sister Maryka! What a stunning prize and an amazing treat for your skin! 🙂

  14. Tammy J

    This is so needed! I’ll treat my mother and mother in law to this and it would do us all sooooo well!

  15. jade abbott

    I’d take my mom, my sister and my best friend 🙂 My mom because this’ll be a cool thing for her to do. My sister because she love’s giving herself facials but this experience could teach a lil something 🙂 and my best friend because she uses no products so I’d want to expose her beauty products that work and are good for your skin.

  16. ria willers

    Thank you for oppertunity to take part in competition. I need this so much!

  17. Tamsyn Louw

    I would absolutely love to win this luxurious giveaway! I would take my three best friends because this is exactly what we need after a stressful few months of exams and we all experience ups and downs with our skin! Lots of love xx

  18. Jenna Govender

    I would take my best friends and sister. The best if has her wedding coming up, and this would just be amazing for her!!!!! I’ve never tried any of the dermalogica range and would love to give them a try. This is a brilliant giveaway. Fingers crossed!!!!

  19. Rehana Seedat

    I would take my 2 sisters and one of my besties

  20. Theresa Eduardo

    What an awesome giveaway! Would love to take my mum & 2 best friends!

  21. Jasmine Ho

    I will take my three besties with me! Good things are to be share with your favourite people!

  22. Cheré Esterhuizen

    I would definately take 3 of my closest girlfriends, for a deserved girl break!

  23. Kaamilah

    This is such a dream giveaway. I would take my brother, mother and a friend along with me and introduce all of them to proper skin care. Our mothers do so much for us, they are the best kind of people, what other motivitation does one need! 🙂

    My brother has suffered from eczema from the age of 2 and as a result of it, today he has dry flaky skin. I believe the skin mapping, information and fantastic products that could be provided by Dermalogica can help relieve some of his skin problems.

    Really hope we can win this. Fingers crossed!

    P.S – Please do an updated highlighter blog post with all your favourites.

  24. Natalie

    I would take three friends who love Dermalogica as much as I do! And all three are in need of a good treat so this would be amazing!

  25. Nina b

    What an awesome giveaway! I would just be over the moon if I won and my whole world would want to be the lucky 3! But I would take 1. my aunt who is like my mother and does so much for me, and of course, my 2 besties 🙂

  26. Bianca Balutto

    I would take my mum because she does so much for me and my cousin and sister in law as they have acne and could really use some expert advice.

  27. K Daleman

    My mom has always had a problem with her skin. Winning this competition and giving her the opportunity to treat herself as well as some of our friends to a day of pampering and learning about skincare is exactly what we need after this long year.

  28. Natalie Maritz

    What a fabulous competition. Would love to try this, especially the face mapping.

  29. Sibahle

    I would take 3 of my closest friends as they also suffer with skin issues just like I do. The face mapping will really help us identify how we can select the best products.

  30. Tracy Jacobs

    I would take 3 really good girlfriends- we are all about the same age and care what we look like ?

  31. Shaunees Davids

    This is such an awesome giveaway and would really be appreciated, I have recently noticed a change in my skin, I went from an oily T-zone…to still oily with dry cheeks, therefore this giveaway will really help me getting my skin to be its best. I will take my 2 sisters and mum with, because we are close like that and who doesn’t like a good old bonding session with the people you love:)…keeping my fingers crossed!!

  32. Sophia

    I would take my mom as I feel as old as she is she still works so hard 🙂 I would also take my 2 sisters 🙂

  33. Tanusta Jainarain

    My mum,younger brother and I used to have pretty amazing skin when we were younger and always received compliments but with the stresses of life and sudden health probs I now suffee with pigmentation,my brother with acne and my mum has full blown cystic acne all over and the fourth would be my childhood best friend who has been there through thick and thin , I would like to win this to restore our confidence

  34. Nisa

    I’d take my mum in law who looks after me and my kids every single day without a complaint. My sister who’s highly pregnant with twins and is having problems with her skin. And my friend who recently lost her mum could use a pick me up

  35. Megan

    I would take my twin sister (see how our skin mapping differs 🙂 , my best friend who is getting married in a few months and one of her other bridesmaids!

  36. Sharleen Deacon

    My daughter who is a new mommy, my niece and my sister in law – they all deserve a good treat

  37. Jyothi Laldas

    I would take my mom because she deserves a treat like this, my sister because we do everything together and my best friend because she needs it most as she suffers with adult acne and I believe this could help her.

  38. Thembi

    Hi There

    I would take my sister in law . She has really helped me alot in planning my wedding and she deserves this

    My mom. Who is my greatest encourager

    My future husband for always being by my side

    I really need this for my wedding. Cant even afford 1 dermalogica product lol

  39. Jyothi Laldas

    What an amazing treat =)

  40. Megan Hartwig

    I think that every woman and her friends are so deserving for this giveaway. A makeover would make all of us feel like a million bucks for the holidays, it would help us to relax after all of the years hard work, and it would introduce us all to some talented new tips and beauty secrets. But you would give us all some extra holiday sparkle! Thanks!

  41. Valencia

    This would be lovely to try,especially the face mapping

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