Best Lip Balms for dry lips!

 Hi Ladies

So, I have been suffering lately with dry chapped lips, and it isn’t even winter yet! It felt as if I had an allergic reaction to something, it started with tingling and tiny bumps, then it became red and chapped and painful, and it stung when I ate spicy food and drank hot drinks. So I sifted through my lip stash, and found what looked like the best products for the job, let’s dig in!

Day 1: Carmex! It helped with the dryness slightly, but stung my lips a little. I had to re-apply it quite often, since the moisture relief didn’t last very long unfortunately. I think this is a good product, but just not for my current needs.

Day 2: Blistex DCT! I love this, it moisturised my lips so well and kept them moisturised for quite a while. It didn’t sting or aggravate my lips at all, and was really soothing. It has spf 20 too! Definitely the winner so far!

Day 3: Palmers Lip Butter Mixed Berry! I love the scent and the subtle red tint. This didn’t sting my lips at all, it was soothing, but unfortunately the moisture relief didn’t last long, and I had to apply loads of product very very often! Spf of 15 is an added bonus! I like this product for normal use, but for my lip situation right now it isn’t the one for me. This would be perfect for summer days, with its sun protection and a subtle tint.

Day 4: Erborian Lip Bome! I just love this bottle, and I also love Korean skincare! I wish we still had Erborian here in SA. Their BB cream is amazing! You can read about it HERE. Anyways, back to the lip balm, it is soothing and moisturising, it kind of melts onto your lips. It lasts relatively long, but I think DCT is still winning! Although, I would much rather carry this pretty bottle around any day!

Day 5: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant! Amazing product, this is slightly thicker than the original Eight Hour Cream, and even more moisturising. It has the signature fragrance, and is definitely a hit for me! Soothing and moisturising, and it definitely does protect my lips. It doesn’t have spf, but is still a favourite!

Day 6: Bee Natural Lip Balm! Terrible, I tried this in the morning, and then really couldn’t bring myself to use it again. It is too waxy, thick and just unpleasant.

Day 7: EOS is more trendy than effective. If you aren’t currently suffering from dry lips, then I am sure you will love this product, but unfortunately for me, this product just doesn’t work for my current dry lip drama.

And that is it for now ladies, winner hands down is DCT! The rest follow in the following order: 2nd Elizabeth Arden, 3rd Erborian, 4th Carmex, 5th Palmers, 6th EOS and last Bee Natural.

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