Avon mega effects mascara in blackest black

Never did I think I would need instructions on how to open or use mascara! Enter Avon…

I had to read the leaflet before knowing how to take the brush out, I didn’t want to break it, so I did the smart thing and read the leaflet, which had pictures and really helped.

My usual make up routine is quite simple, bb cream, bronzer, eyeliner and mascara. Occasionally I use concealer and blush. And extremely occasionally I use eye shadow.

So, Avon mascara fitted in perfectly with my routine! I added a bit of eye shadow for one of the pictures to give a fuller picture of what the mascara can do for you. However I didn’t curl my lashes before hand, but they still look quite full and curly.

When I usually apply mascara I use my heated eyelash curler, then apply a coat of mascara, then once dry I use a normal eyelash curler to set it curled. I then apply eyeliner along my top and bottom lash line.

I did the same in this case, and found the mascara coated my lashes quite well, it gave a sort of false lash effect which I love. It didn’t clump much, but I did have to use an eyelash brush after applying it and curling my lashes. It wasn’t flaky at all, and dried really quickly.

The mascara was easy to apply, once I got used to it. Remember to bend the handle while using it. It was quite messy though, I never get mascara on my top lid usually, but in this case most of my eyelid was covered in mascara. Lash cards would come in handy with this mascara! Over time I may get better at applying it, and hopefully won’t have mascara on my entire top lid. The mascara itself is a great long lasting formulation, that really is “Blackest Black”. My lashes look longer, blacker, thicker and curlier too.

The shape of the brush fitted my eye perfectly, although I couldn’t get into the inner corner lashes very well. It was relatively easy to get to the base of the lashes and then brush out. Having the bristles in different directions separated the lashes before coating them, so lashes look longer and do not stick together.

I attempted to use the brush on my lower lashes too, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, unless it is your Halloween look.

On the whole this is a good innovation, and I’m sure other brands will catch on soon. I’m hoping that once I get the hang of it, the application won’t be so messy. My usual mascaras are Lancome, Clarins and Estee Lauder, and this one fares well against them, so if you have patience and time to clean up I will definitely recommend this mascara, as the effect on my lashes is undeniable!

Have a look!

No eye makeup at all

The mess on my eyelids

Mascara only and liner on my lower lid

Mascara and a bit of eye shadow

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