Dermaceutic X Pure Aesthetics: The Mela Peel

Thursday, 24 Nov 2016

As you might have read in my October First Impressions, I was recently invited to experience a Dermaceutic Mela Peel Treatment at Pure Aesthetics. The Mela Peel is specifically designed to combat pigmentation, but it does so much more than that, but I will discuss the results a little bit later.

Dermaceutic X Pure Aesthetics: The Mela Peel

Applying the peel is really pretty quick without much discomfort. You might feel a bit of itching or tingling, but it definitely doesn’t feel like an intense face peel. What is interesting about this peel, is that it then stays on your face for 6 hours, and you rinse it off with luke warm water at home. I really love that the peel can do its thing for such a long time, in the comfort of your own home, instead of just a quick 30 minutes on your face. And, there is no downtime, which means you can get back to living your life, without any flaking or peeling!

I didn’t see results immediately, but after about a week my skin was looking great! My pores looked more refined, my acne scarring looked less pronounced, my skin looked brighter and more even and even my clogged pores looked less visible. I honestly didn’t expect to see results after just 1 peel, although not pigmentation related results, I was really happy with how my skin looked. For major pigmentation issues, a course of peels would be needed, depending on the extent, and don’t forget the constant sun protection. Just a few minutes out in the sun without protection can undo all the work of a course of peels.

Dermaceutic X Pure Aesthetics: The Mela Peel

I was sent home with a lovely trio of homecare products to use. To be honest, never have I believed that specific homecare products are needed after a peel, but, I was wrong! I think a lot of the results I experienced would not have been as impressive if it wasn’t for the Mela Cream in particular, and well as the restorative protection of the K-Ceutic. I had to use K-Ceutic for 4 days both day and night, even though it has SPF, yes, I was as shocked as you are. It didn’t clog my pores, it just restored and relieved my skin while boasting an SPF 50. After the 4 days I had to add the Mela Cream both day and night underneath the K-Ceutic. And of course the Foamer 5 Cleanser both day and night. The cleanser needs to be massaged into dry skin because it contains Glycolic Acid which is neutralised by water. The cleanser removes impurities, exfoliates as well as balances the ph. But, the Mela Cream is the hero, and contains all the big hitters of skincare; Kojic Acid, Retinol and Niacinamide. Since there is a high amount of active ingredients you may experience a bit of tingling when using the Mela Cream, personally I love that feeling, it means something is working! The thing I find about these ingredients is that I always take their effects for granted, and only once I stop using the product as regularly as I should do I notice how dull and clogged my skin looks.

Expert Tip: Always wear sun protection. But, be especially careful when using products containing Retinol.

Below is a picture of the K-Ceutic in action, it makes my skin look so plump and healthy.

Dermaceutic K Ceutic Review

I know what you are thinking, Dermaceutic products and treatments are expensive, and I agree. But if you have specific skin issues that really bug you out and decrease your confidence, I would highly recommend this brand.  My acne scarring bugs me out, and there is only so much a primer can do, which is why I think a course of Dermaceutic peels is worth it, and I know I will see results, I wouldn’t buy it if I didn’t believe it.

Dermaceutic South Africa

You can find a list of Dermaceutic products, treatments and stockists on their website, but if you are in Joburg I highly recommend trying out Pure Aesthetics, hands down the best skin clinic I have ever been to, it is so professional yet accommodating and comfortable, and when it comes to face treatments such as peels, you need to trust your therapist as much as I trust Ingrid, who is in my opinion one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Mela Peel Treatment

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17 thoughts on “Dermaceutic X Pure Aesthetics: The Mela Peel

  1. Saidat says:

    Interesting. I am currently considering getting a chemical peel myself to cleanse my skin of hyperpigmentation due to my inconsistent use of sunscreen. Thanks for the Info, I will surely consider this product after consulting with my dermatologist xoxo

    1. Ingrid says:

      Hi Saidat, having worked with Dermaceutic and specifically the Mela Peel for almost 4 years now, I can confidently say that I have seen some of my best hyper-pigmentation results from this treatment. Not only do we treat the pigment, but the skin as a whole, as well. The beauty about this treatment is that it is non-invasive and is designed to have minimal to no down time afterwards. Thanks for your comments X

    2. admin says:

      This peel is designed for pigmentation so I am sure it would work wonders. Just remember Sunscreen always, even indoors. I do like the Noreva one.

  2. R Fourie says:

    My skin is sensitive and it feels so “thin” – I’m a bit scared for a peel although it seems to be a good thing.

    1. Ingrid says:

      Our peels are designed to heal and strengthen the skin. I work on eczema skins, dermatitis and acne skin to name a few. We want to heal your skin and make it strong and healthy again.

      1. admin says:

        Thank you for replying Ingrid.

    2. admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Reonette. I think the most important thing when it comes to peels is to get a credible skin clinic and therapist. They will assess your skin and cater to it. I absolutely love peels!

  3. Duriye says:

    I have had a melapeel…I am a bit insecure about the homecare products that i have to use. My therapist suggested…k-ceutic and the c25 creme…but i am not sure of the c25 use. And after a week i should use the melacreme. And this for a month…is this correct. Could you please respond

    1. admin says:

      Hi, I had different instructions and products. Which clinic did you get your peel done? I think the best bet would be to call Dermaceutic or Pure Aesthetics and ask them. Perhaps your products changed because of how your skin reacted to the peel? I have never used c25, but I am not sure why you were told to only use the mela cream after a month.

      1. Duriye says:

        Thanks for your reaction…what instructions did you get? I will only use the k-ceutic for a week after the peel and start then with the mela cream in the evening. Your right…I will call Dermaceutics. How many melapeel did you have and did it helped you ?

        1. admin says:

          I had to use K-Ceutic for 4 days both day and night, even though it has SPF, yes, I was as shocked as you are. It didn’t clog my pores, it just restored and relieved my skin while boasting an SPF 50. After the 4 days I had to add the Mela Cream both day and night underneath the K-Ceutic. I only had one, and then had two cosmo peels.

          1. Duriye says:

            Again thanks for your respond…I had the melapeel yesterday. .I have to see what the outcome of it will be. After 6 weeks the 2.nd mela peel. I will call Dermaceutics monday and think that your aftercare is the right one..except I thought you need to use the mela cream in the evening.

          2. admin says:

            If your skin can handle it, it can be used in the morning too. But spf is really important! 😆

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