Christmas Gift Guide 2022- Skincare

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It has been a while since I last posted here, let's just say that life got the better of me. But I am glad to be back, in time to post one of my favourite types of posts, Gift Guides. I have a couple lined up, for all budgets, and today I will share my Christmas Gift Guide for the skincare fanatics. Skincare is a difficult gift to buy, but there are some products that I think any skincare lover would be happy to receive. Starting with cleansers, since that is the first step in any routine. I have two…

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Christmas Gift Guide 2021- Skincare

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My next Christmas Gift Guide is for all of the skincare lovers out there. Skincare is such a personal choice and is dependent on skin types and concerns. But there are some products that any skincare lover would be happy to receive, and I will be sharing them today. It has been a tough year, and the dark circles and bags under my eyes show it. Although in my case genetics play a big role in these eye concerns, stress and lack of sleep definitely make it worse. I am not a huge fan of eye products (I usually just…

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Sunday Riley Skincare Review

Sunday Riley is a brand that I had wanted to try for ages, and after testing these products out extensively, I can share my thoughts. My Sunday Riley Skincare Review will feature two of the best known products, as well as a few lesser known ones. Let's start with Luna Sleeping Night Oil, a retinol oil best known for it's blue colour. My skin adores this oil, it drinks it up and my skin looks plumper and brighter after use. I don't think this compares to retinol serums that have higher concentrations, but it does make my skin look and…

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