The Simple and Affordable Remedy for Dry Itchy Skin

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This winter has been harsh on my skin, and to be honest I haven't been that kind to it either. Lack of energy, paired with the cold meant laziness, heaters, hot showers and dry air was the order of the day. Also, is it just me, or is moisturising during winter the worst activity ever? I just want to pull on my warm onesie, soft skin be damned. Although I can't say I was that bad, I still moisturised at least every second day and most of the time it was every day, but still my skin was not happy. But I…

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How To Fix A Broken Blush Compact?

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Hi Ladies! What should you do if ever this happens? (Besides break down and cry) Nothing is going to resurrect your pretty embossed blush compact from the above mess to the prettiness it once was. But it is possible to fix your blush so that you can still use it. There are two options, you can either transfer it to a suitable tub and use it as a loose powder (Step 3 and 4 below) or you can set it again in the compact (Step 1 to 8 below). Let me show you how I repaired my blush from smashed…

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How I wash my make-up brushes + Giveaway!

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Hi Ladies Today I am sharing how I clean my makeup brushes effectively but affordably... I hate washing my makeup brushes, I buy new brushes so that I have more time in between washes. But, washing your brushes is important for your skin, and just for general hygiene. There are so many expensive brush cleaning aids out there, such as the Sigma Brush Cleaner Glove and Mat, as well as all the Brush Shampoos. But this post is to shed some light on how cheaper alternatives can do the job just as well, maybe even better. Rubybox Fresh in a…

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