Legit Shoesday!

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Happy Shoesday Ladies! I haven't done a Shoesday post in ages, due to laziness! But I am back, hopefully weekly. This shoe is from the Nandi X Legit Collab. I really love the style, it is very unique. I love the detail on the shoe, the buckles, the open toe, practically everything. I absolutely love Legit shoes, especially the collabs. They are super fashionable and affordable! P.S. Today is the last day to enter the Revlon Giveaway.

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Shoesday with Legit!

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Hi Ladies Today's shoe is another shoe I bought from Legit's recent Punk and Ivy Collaboration, you can see the rest of my haul here. I love gold plated straps with black leather. I haven't worn these yet, but I certainly should! Thanks for reading...

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White Lace Shoesday!

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Happy Shoesday Ladies! Clearly my cat likes the shoes! I can't remember where I bought these heels from, but they are really pretty. I like them for a wedding, or some super formal event. I like the lace material, and the silver toe-cap gives it a bit of an edge. Unfortunately I haven't worn these, so I cannot comment on comfort and all that. Thanks for visiting Ladies!

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