My Skin Renewal Journey- Part One

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A while ago I was asked by Skin Renewal, part of the Renewal Institute if I was keen to experience a few *treatments to tackle any skin issues I may have. Me keen? YES! So, I was booked in for a consultation with Dr Lilliana Gilla Lulli at Skin Renewal Bedfordview. We discussed my concerns (acne-scarring and pigmentation) and the results I would like to see, which is plumping up of the acne scarring so that they are less deep, as well as a reduction in my pigmentation, and an increase in overall radiance. I was then given an extensive treatment plan,…

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Is A Lash Lift Worth Getting?

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I have seen quite a few discussions recently around lash lifts and tints, and whether they are a less damaging, but equally flattering alternative to lash extensions. Having had a *Nouveau Lashes LVL Enhance Treatment and Tint at Renes Beauty Clinic, I thought I would weigh in. So, let's get started, Is A Lash Lift Worth Getting? LVL stands for Lift Volume Lengthen  I have never had lash extensions, I have also never been successful in wearing fake lashes, because I can never get it to stick onto the right place, or stay there. So, when I was asked if I…

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August First Impressions

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Happy Spring! I am so glad the weather is warming up, although I will probably regret saying that when it is boiling hot and my eyeballs are sweating! I hope we get some rain soon since it seems as if we have completely skipped Spring and moved straight into Summer. You may have already seen my delayed August Favourites and Haul, so here is my even more delayed August First Impressions. A quick wrap up of all the products I have tried this month. Full reviews for a few of them will follow in the next few weeks. This gorgeous…

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