Christmas Gift Guide 2022- Fragrances for all budgets

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Today I am sharing my Fragrance Gift Guide, there are picks for all budgets and notes to suit all tastes. Perfume is such a great gift idea. I am a huge fan of interesting, unique scents, and all of these perfumes tick that box. Starting with a scent that I have loved for as long as I can remember, Givenchy Organza. This perfume launched in 1996 when I was 11 years old, and I can clearly remember my mom wearing it. I can't say there are many perfumes that remain as beautiful and modern 26 years later, so I had…

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Christmas Gift Guide 2022- Skincare

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It has been a while since I last posted here, let's just say that life got the better of me. But I am glad to be back, in time to post one of my favourite types of posts, Gift Guides. I have a couple lined up, for all budgets, and today I will share my Christmas Gift Guide for the skincare fanatics. Skincare is a difficult gift to buy, but there are some products that I think any skincare lover would be happy to receive. Starting with cleansers, since that is the first step in any routine. I have two…

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Christmas Gift Guide 2021- Budget Picks

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Here we have my final Christmas Gift Guide for 2021, in it I will be sharing budget picks for hair, body and home, all under R500. First up, Lush! I adore Lush's Christmas offerings and after this year a relaxing Lush bath is probably what we all need. Here I have the Snow Fairy Bath Bomb, a Christmas favourite for many, as well as Shoot for the Stars. In my opinion, some of the most underrated products from Lush are the soaps. I love how moisturising they are! Here I have Outback Mate and Honey I Washed the Kids. Baked…

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