May Favourites!

Hi Ladies

So, I am late on my Monthly Favourites, as well as my Monthly Haul posts. I blame this on the new site 🙂

My Haul Post will be up soon too, and has some international purchases, so check it out!

Let’s jump into favourites:


First up, Sorbet Salon Skin Daily Skin Polish Powder*. I received this a while ago in a goodie bag when I attended the Sorbet Skin Care Launch. I have heard it is a dupe for the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, although I haven’t tried the Dermalogica so I cannot comment much on that. The Sorbet Powder however retails for R220 which is significantly cheaper! It contains rice powder and salicyclic acid. It is a fine powder which you mix with water to form a paste and then massage onto your face. There are no abrasive granules. While using it I actually felt as if nothing was happening, but when I removed it my skin looked brighter! This is definitely a winner!

Next up, REN 3in1 Cleansing Water*, a cleanser, toner and makeup remover in one. I used this after double cleansing to ensure all dirt and makeup was removed. I love that it isn’t drying at all, and leaves skin clean but not stripped. I have recently gotten into Micellar Waters, and will have a comparison of 5 different ones soon. I did find that this made my eyes water slightly though, for some weird reason. But overall I enjoyed using it.

Next up, Massage Candles. I am loving massage candles during winter! I make every post shower moisturising routine a spa experience. Light the candle, pour the warm oil into your hands and apply onto your skin. I love the warm oil, and how moisturising it is during the very dry winter. If you dread moisturising in winter, give this a try.


Cala Complexion Brush, I bought this from in April, and I haven’t stopped using it since, except when I am waiting for it to dry after a wash. It was only R81, and is definitely worth it! I use it to apply foundation and CC Cream, and it leaves a natural streak free finish. Cala brushes are definitely worth their price!

Bourjois CC Cream has been in my stash for a while, but I haven’t used it all that much. My skin is a bit on the dry side recently, and I find this works really well to moisturise as well as give a dewy finish. It doesn’t have very heavy coverage, but I am reaching for it every single day!

LA Girl Pro Conceal is an amazing creamy concealor. I have been using this for under my eyes, and it doesn’t settle into creases and disguises those dreaded dark circles really well. This is extremely affordable and is available in a lot of shades, so definitely worth checking out when you are at Dischem again.


Lastly, Phyto 9 hair moisturiser. Winter means upping the moisturiser in every department, hair included. This moisturiser is great for using on damp hair, or even on dry hair to tame those tresses. It leaves hair soft and moisturised without making it greasy or oily.

*Press Sample

What are your favourites this month Ladies?

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