Fiszz Facial at The Melrose Aesthetic Centre

I was invited to experience The Fiszz Facial at The Melrose Aesthetic Centre.

I walked in and immediately felt relaxed. The interior is sleek and pretty, yet professional.

Situated in the heart of trendy Melrose Arch, The Melrose Aesthetic Centre sets the standard in anti-aging face treatments, body procedures and lifestyle programmes. Their team of medical and aesthetic professionals and highly capable support personnel are trained both locally and internationally and regularly updated on the latest trends in the aesthetic industry.

My appointment started on time, which is always a plus for me.

The Fiszz Facial by Innovative Skincare is a luxurious, deep-cleansing, exfoliating and anti-aging facial treatment that will leave your skin feeling smoother, brighter and hydrated through a combination of aromatic cleansers in a four-phase solution:

First up, cleansing the face with the Warming Honey Cleanser, which smells amazing, isn’t drying at all, and didn’t make my skin feel tight. It is similiar to a skin cleansing balm. The skin is left moisturised and protected from free radicals through a combination of anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial ingredients including honey, papaya enzymes and olive oil. It was warm, aromatic and nurturing!

Next was the Clarifying Mud Masque which was massaged into my skin, and then steamed which is meant to intensify the exfoliation and deep cleansing properties of the masque. Containing rosemary and citrus extracts to open pores, exfoliate, brighten and improve cellular metabolism.

Now comes the fun part, the Fiszz Masque System! The masque was applied to my face, and then the copper mist sprayed on to activate the bubbling effect. As soon as the mist was sprayed on I could feel tingling bubbles all over, but mostly on my problem areas. Once the tingling stopped the mist was sprayed again, and the bubbling started again. This was repeated three times. What I loved about this part is that you feel something happening, yes the bubbles are awesome, but the tingling feeling means that something is working. A patented citric acid masque known as the “champagne facial” for the effervescent and bubbly sensation against your face, leaving your skin lightly resurfaced and smoothed. The copper mist spray promotes collagen production and increases elasticity.

The treatment was awesome, my skin looked smoother and less clogged immediately and I feel that my skincare routine is more effective without a layer of dead skin cells as a barrier.

The Fiszz Facial is suited to all skin types and tones and improves skin texture, purifies clogged pores, revitalised dull and lacklustre skin and provides relief to dry and dehydrated skin. Below are a few benefits of the facial:

• Reveals a brighter and more vibrant complexion

• Optimizes moisture levels deep within the skin

• Helps scavenge free radicals and fight oxidation

• Soothes inflammation

• Encourages renewal via healthy cellular turnover 

• Regulates the production of the skin’s natural oils

• Stimulates healthy metabolism within skin cells

There is also an at home range, where you can continue to treat your skin concerns.

You can have a look at The Melrose Aesthetic Centre website here, for all of their impressive offerings!

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