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I have recently started decluttering and organising my makeup stash, which is why there has been quite a few new additions to the Blog Sale here. I still need to get onto my skincare and haircare stash, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Let me first explain how my life works. I am a hoarder of sorts, well not of sorts, just a hoarder! When I buy new products, they usually go into a box of new products that I have stashed away in my cupboard. Rarely do I use a product immediately. When I decide I need new products in my life, I dig around in my box and find a couple of things that catch my eye. I then start using those products, and they then live on my dressing table with the rest of my open products.

So, as you can imagine, decluttering has not been easy. And letting go of products has been even harder. Here is my process:

1) Take Stock of the new products you have and pack it in a sensible way (more on this later)

2) Put the brand new duplicates and other brand new products you would never use in a pile

3) Hide away all your ‘go-to’ open products

4) Force yourself to try all your other open products, and if you don’t love it, toss it in the pile you made in (2)

5) Add all the products in pile (2) to the blog sale or give them away

6) Store all your open products in an easily accessible way and in full view (more on this later)

7) Start using new products (more on this later)

So, that was my process, now let’s get into the details:

1) I sorted through my new products and sorted them into face products and eye and lip products. I split the face products into products I bought locally and internationally.

Prettiful Blog South African Beauty Blog

My international face stash

South African Makeup and Beauty Blog

My local face stash

South African Makeup Blog

Prettiful Blog a South African Beauty Blog

My eye and lip stash which is a combination of local and international products. I used some old Rubybox boxes to organise the products. As well as a narrow cardboard box which I cut in two to store my Stila Lip Glazes and my mascaras.

2) I had quite a few duplicates, so I added those to my blog sale here.

3) I then found an old box and put all my ‘go to’ products in them. The ones I reach for all the time and hid them away.

Makeup Organisers South Africa

4) Now that my ‘go to’ products were gone, I was forced to use the other open products. And if I don’t love it, it goes to my blog sale. If I do love it, it goes to my ‘go to’ box and gets hidden away.

5) I have already added quite a few products to my blog sale, and there will be more to come as I continue decluttering.

6) So, now to start organising! Fun times!

Prettiful Blog

I bought three of these super cute ‘Shower Caddy’s’ from MrP Home. They were on sale for only R99 from R299. I am obviously not using them in the shower. I then hit some nails into the wall (which my dad wasn’t impressed with) and voila.

How to store makeup

I am really happy with how they turned out! I cut up some cardboard pieces to place at the bottom so nothing falls through. I have only put two up so far. The one above is for my makeup stuff. And I have another one which stores more practical things like body butter, fragrance mists, deo, etc. What do you think of my DIY skills?

Prettifulblog South African Beauty Blogger

So now my dressing table looks like this, on a neat and tidy day! I am quite pleased with myself. Everything is visible and I find myself using products I forgot I had!

7) I love trying new products, so this is not a hard task! But, I try lots of products, and I just don’t have the time to review them all. So, I will now be adding a monthly post called ‘First Impressions’. I will give a quick short review of every single new product I tried in the month. Some will be products I have been sent, but most will be products I have bought and stashed away… Until now!

When last have you decluttered and organised?

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  1. Sophia

    Wow now that is a stash 🙂 Love the way it looks

  2. R Fourie

    I like the way you organised everything – very neat :-

    1. admin

      Thank you! I am quite happ y with how it looks!

  3. R Fourie

    I like the way you organised everything – very neat :-

    1. admin

      Thank you! I am quite happy with how it looks!

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