Morgan Taylor REACT X essence

Wednesday, 25 Jan 2017

Since posting my Morgan Taylor REACT review, I have had quite a few questions about whether the *REACT base and top coat will help prolong the wear time of other nailpolish brands. So, today I will be sharing the results of a Morgan Taylor REACT X essence Combo!

Morgan Taylor REACT X essence

I will be using the gel nail polish in “need your love” from essence. It is part of The Darks Collection, and is a stunning dark burgundy, that is so dark, it is almost black.

essence need your love swatch

This is Day 1: Two coats of essence need your love, with the REACT Base and Top Coat. How rich, dark and glossy is it!

essence Need you Love

And, this is Day 7: There aren’t any major chips, but there is slight fading along the tips and the colour isn’t as rich and glossy as Day 1, but still wearable.

essence gel polish 7 days

I usually get about 4-5 days wear from essence the gel nail polish, so to get an extra 2-3 days is awesome!

Morgan Taylor REACT other brands

Does it last as long as when I used it with the Morgan Taylor Polish? No.

But, a full week mani is pretty cool. I usually paint my nails on the weekend, so knowing I can get through a week without having to remove my polish is amazing!

So, yes for me! Yes, the Morgan Taylor REACT system works with other brands of nail polish. Which means you can buy more affordable polishes and still extend the wear time, although not as much as with the Morgan Taylor polishes.

Side note, the Morgan Taylor Hip Hot Coral polish, was my favourite nailpolish colour of 2016!

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6 thoughts on “Morgan Taylor REACT X essence

  1. Ni-Shaat Salaam says:

    Does the “gel” mean that it has to be set with a UV lamp? I always wondered. I am never one to let nailpolish dry completely. I always mess it up in the end with fingerprints and stuff.

    1. admin says:

      Nope luckily not. It’s an at home gel Polish. So it lasts longer than a normal polish but doesn’t need a lamp or soak off. Check out my original post linked above for all the details.

  2. R Fourie says:

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Pleasure Reonette!

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