July First Impressions

Today I am sharing my July First Impressions with you…

LUX Sheer Twilight Scent

This *Lux Sheer Twilight Body Wash smells amazing, if there was a body cream and fragrance I would jump at it. I even bought a backup, just in case it disappears soon, as all good things do! This is my favourite scent of the bunch, although there are two others that smell pretty nice too.

July First Impressions Beauty Product Reviews

The Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream is a saviour, it can be used for anything, but I am loving it for dry skin recently. It has a sweet citrus/lemon scent, maybe like a mojito, which may or may not suit you. I don’t mind it though.

Darling Jane Healing Nail Oil is one of my favourites this month. It is so nourishing for both fingers and nails, and I am so impressed by it. I would soak my entire hand in it if I could.

Human + Kind Body Oil smells like a stocksweet, the red ones that used to come in a strip packet… Remember those? Well, I am loving the nostalgic scent, and the oil itself is really nourishing without being greasy and can be used on the hair and face too.

Bioderma Perfector Review

I am really liking the Accessorize Lip Crayon in Sweet kiss, it is a bit more red than I usually like, but it isn’t drying and is really long lasting. I also own a more orange shade, which I prefer though.

The Bioderma Hydrabio Perfecteur was meant to be a winter saviour. A moisuriser for dehydrated skin + SPF 30 + Skin Perfecting Radiance Primer = Win, but unfortunately this product is an only child. It does not play well with others, I cannot use this over an eye cream or serum, and even some sunscreens and foundations/BB Creams cannot be used over it. It doesn’t pill, it just clings, resulting in patches of unblended foundation. Not a good look! I still use this most days, and will continue to use it, because it was quite expensive, but it is a disappointment for me, and I have to be very careful how and what I layer it with.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear CC Cream is another product I would have given a miss. The medium is a bit dark for me, but it does have good coverage. This is one of the products that doesn’t work well with the Bioderma above, although it is fine with other products.

Palmer’s Moisturizing Body Oil smells like chocolate and is really moisturising, although I think the scent might bother some people.

Micro Needling and serum for Dark Circles

I bought this Nip + Fab Dark Circle Fix on sale at Clicks recently, and I have been using it with a micro-needler under my eyes. The serum is really nice for under eyes, it isn’t too creamy, but nourishes the area really well. The micro-needler took a bit of time getting used to, and I will hopefully see results in the next few months.

Herbalife Skincare Review

I received a few products from the *Herbalife Skin range, and I was impressed.

The Purifying Mint Clay Mask gives skin a purified feeling without being drying. It tingles slightly, and has quite a strong mint scent. It feels like I am applying toothpaste to my face, well if toothpaste was a good for your skin spearmint clay mask. My skin looks more refined after use.

The Instant Reveal Berry Scrub contains berry seeds, has a fresh berry scent and is rich in antioxidants. It is a physical exfoliater, so if you have sensitive skin, or prefer chemical exfoliaters this is not for you. My skin was smoother and softer after using it.

My favourite of the bunch is the Serum, it is nourishing and hydrating and I don’t even have to use a moisturiser after. As for the line minimising, I can’t comment on that as yet, but my skin definitely looks plumper after use.

Natural Collection Product Review

I also received a couple of products from *Naturals Beauty, this local brand is so affordable!

Naturals Beauty Essential Collection Night Cream has a citrus/citronella scent, which I am sure will help keep the bugs away as we move into spring. It has a thin almost lotion consistency yet it is super nourishing but not greasy. It has a matte finish, which I quite like.

I was a bit weary of the Naturals Beauty Essential Collection Face Exfoliater because I usually find natural exfoliaters too harsh and scratchy, but this grain is so smooth! I love that the grain is mixed into a cream, which helps to moisturise the skin too.

The Naturals Beauty Sweet Orange Wrinkle Banisher has a sweet citrus scent and is meant to be applied around the eye and lip area. It is a nice addition to my routine, and the scent alone will keep me using this!

July First Impressions

I bought a couple of Balm Balm products a while ago, and I really liked all, except the lip balm which was not hydrating enough. The face mask is really nice, although mixing it into a paste seems like a bit of a mission most of the time. The hydrosol is amazing, and I use it after cleansing for a hydrating boost, after applying makeup for a dewy finish, and whenever my skin needs a little something extra. The oil is nourishing, smells amazing and is in an easy to use spritzer. I like that this can be used in the bath or after to moisturise skin.

I also bought two Saloncare products, which are affordable and hydrating. Both products plump up the skin, and the Hydrating Cream Masque is my favourite of the two, as it is a bit more nourishing.

Lastly, the Africology Tissue Oil, I like to use it all over my face and body when my skin needs some extra love. It is also great for cuticles.

Ponds Flawless Radiance Review

I received the *Pond’s Flawless Radiance range a while ago, and I think this range has become better over time. Although I don’t have uneven skin tone, I enjoyed the texture of all of these products, and the scent is way better than what I remember it being.

July First Impressions

The O’slee Peeling Milkshake Cleanser has really impressed me. It is a peeling cleanser that I use a couple of times a week, and my skin definitely looks smoother and feels softer after use.

The Gatsby Nano Million Scrub is amazing! Such a fine grit that gives intense exfoliating!

The Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream is a nice cream, moisturising and smells nice, but is nothing amazing.

The Bioderma Purifying Cleansing Foam Gel is one of the best cleansers I have used in a while, I use it every single day. It has quite a strong purifying chemical scent, but it cleanses so well without drying the skin.

Lastly this AHA + BHA Cleanser is a great chemical exfoliating cleanser that leaves skin soft and smooth without being harsh.

Moroccanoil Dry SHampoo Review

The *Moroccanoil Blow Dry Concentrate is so good, it has surpassed the oil in my eyes! And I don’t even blow dry my hair. It is great for unruly hair, and helps to control frizz and make hair smooth as silk.

The *Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo for dark tones is the first dry shampoo that I have tried specifically for dark tones, which means no gross white residue. Also, although this is a dry shampoo, it leaves my hair so silky that it could be mistaken for a dry conditioner. Oh, and it has the Moroccanoil scent, so what’s not to love!

July First Impressions

I tried the *Herbatint Permanent Hair Colour to give my hair some colour this winter. My hair is such a dark brown it is practically black, but this added some warmth and dimension to it. It doesn’t have that potent chemical scent as it does not contain ammonia. And my hair didn’t feel stripped after use, although it did feel slightly dry, but nothing a little oil treat didn’t fix. The instructions suggest using a plastic bowl and brush, both of which aren’t included which was a bit of a mission, I much prefer the ready to use bottle with a nozzle. The reason for no nozzle bottle, is that this box can be used for up to two applications, depending on your hair length. So if you mixed this in a bottle you would have to discard the entire mixture.

First Impressions July

I tried a couple new nude lips, and my favourites are NYX Soft Spoken, Gerard Cosmetics Everything Nice and ColourPop Ultra Matte Clueless and Lumiere 2. I did a post on my Favourite Nude Matte Liquid Lipsticks, so I won’t get into too much detail. Unfortunately the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in Nude Flush isn’t very long lasting, but I do love the shade!

July First Impressions

Last up for makeup are some *Essence products I received a while ago.

I love all the *polishes! The Jellys was surprisingly pigmented and long lasting, and only needed two coats. The two dark polishes are a great addition to any collection, and are perfect for winter. The Light Reflection polish is pretty amazing, and gives a duo-chrome effect to any polish. The Gummy Touch gives a plump matte effect, and I was surprised by how much I like this! I recommend checking out all the new top coats, I am sure you will find something you love.

You need to get at least one of the *2in1 eyeshadow & liners. I previously bought two and featured it in my May Favourites, and then I was sent these two, yay! They are so long lasting, pigmented and affordable!

The *Superfine liner is pigmented and long lasting, and because the tip is so thin it is really easy to make a super thin line on your upper lashes. If you are looking for a liquid liner, this one is a great option. I like that it isn’t dry and doesn’t drag along the lid. Tip: Store your liquid liners lid side down so that the tip does not dry out.

The *Forbidden Volume Mascara was a miss for me, but I think I just received a dud, because I have read many other great reviews. The one I received was so dry and crumbly that it left my lashes in a dry flaky mess.

Lastly the *All about Matt Makeup is really nice, but unfortunately way too light for me. It is matte without being cakey or dry.

New TUC Biscuits

I know this is a random addition, but I love *TUC biscuits, the Original and Paprika are my favourites, I hate the cheese one though. They are buttery and addictive and there is now a new Sour Cream & Onion flavour which tastes amazing!

Thanks for reading my July First Impressions!

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  1. Lucinda Singh

    Would love to try the Moroccanoil Blow Dry Concentrate. Its the 1st ive heard of it. Do you know if Retail box stocks it? Hmm the micro needler seems abit daunting but do tell us if it does help you? xo

  2. R Fourie

    Interesting. Please let us know if you see a difference. 🙂

  3. R Fourie

    I would like to know more about the micro-needler please. This is new to me. 🙂

    1. admin

      It is used to improve scarring, it is supposed to boost healing and collagen production. Mine is 0.3mm needles, that create tiny injuries that promotes healing. I haven’t seen any difference yet, but will keep trying. 🙂

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