ColourPop Cosmetics Haul and Postbox Courier

Colourpop Cosmetics Haul South Africa using postbox courier

Today I am sharing my ColourPop Haul with you, as well as the details on how you too can get your hands on this sought after affordable beauty brand.

I was approached by Postbox Courier a while ago and offered a *shipping voucher, so obviously I jumped at the chance. Unfortunately many international brands still do not ship to SA, but that’s where third party shipping companies or freight forwarders such as Postbox Courier come in.

Colourpop Cosmetics Haul South Africa using postbox courier

How does it work?

Basically, Postbox Courier will provide you with an address in a number of different countries, such as Hong Kong, the UAE, the US and the UK. You use that address in the shipping details of your order, notify Postbox Courier about incoming packages and they will then accept your packages, and send it to you in South Africa.

The nice thing about Postbox Courier is that you can choose to group your packages and send it all at once, instead of having to send and pay for each individual order. So, say for instance you have orders coming to your US address from ColourPop and Sephora, you can choose to group them together and have them sent together to SA, which would save you quite a bit of money.

How much does it cost?

Registering with Postbox Courier is free, and you can sign up here.

My parcel weighed under 1 kg, and the *shipping cost was $41 from the US, which worked out to about R600. However 1 kg from the UK only costs about R400. You can get a quick quote on their website to have an idea of how much your shipping would cost.

The cost is pretty high, but taking into account that you can group your orders, and as long as your total package remains under 1 kg, you will not be charged more than R600 from the US or more than R400 from the UK. Also, Postbox Courier deals with the bane of my existence (customs and Port Health) and keeps you informed all along the way, which is very important to me.

Unfortunately as with all incoming parcels, customs is an unpredictable demon and you may or may not be charged customs on your order. I unfortunately was charged customs, which came to about 50% of my order total. However if your order is under R500, apparently you don’t get charged customs, but who knows with customs and their non-existent standardisation of fees.

Would I use Postbox Courier again and pay for the shipping cost?

Yes, I would definitely use them again if I was ordering from more than one online store. I definitely think it is worth it to group your packages and have them sent to SA together.

ColourPop is only the tip of the iceberg, there are many many other online stores out there that you can now order from. You can also have a look at How I ordered from Sephora Online.

COlourpop South Africa

Anyways, lets get on to the details of my haul!

As you can see I was super excited and had to try a couple of nearly everything:

Two Ultra Satin Lips in Cozy and Brooklyn

Three Ultra Matte Lips in Lumière 2, Clueless and First Class

Six Lippie Stix in Lumière, Topanga, Chi Chi, Julep, Cami and Barely There

Two Creme Gel Liner in Swerve and No Shame

Four Blush in Quarters, Never Been Kissed, Cheerio and Cruel Intentions

Two Highlighters in Smoke N Whistles and Wisp

 Quick warning, ColourPop takes forever to post your package as in up to 14 working days, but once it arrived at the Postbox Courier Depot it only took four working days to get to my doorstep and that included Customs and Port Health!

One thing that bugs me about ColourPop’s Website, is the lack of a wishlist. I can spend hours browsing the site and selecting what I want, and then if I don’t check out immediately it all disappears and I have to start all over again. A wishlist would make life so much easier.

Colourpop Cosmetics South Africa

Have you ordered anything from ColourPop yet?

Update: ColourPop now ships internationally, yay! I entered my South African address and shipping was $15 when my basket was under $45, and $25 when my basket was over $45.

*Free Shipping Voucher (excludes Colourpop products and customs charges)

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  1. nina

    Azraa, swatches asap please !! it’s amazing how affordable new make up brands keep appearing in the world . .and in SA we have the same range since years 🙁
    I have to order online !

  2. Nisa

    Wow what an amazing haul Azraa. I really love their highlighters and it’s difficult to choose a fave. What’s your take on the Ultra Matte lippies? As much as I love a matte lip I prefer the satin formula. Worn it twice this week already. Please do swatches of everything xoxox

    1. admin

      Thanks Nisa. I haven’t tried anything yet, hehe.

  3. R Fourie

    Thank you for all the info.

    I cannot wait for your review and swatches 🙂

    1. admin

      Thanks! Any luck from Joico?

      1. R Fourie

        Nothing – still waiting for them (contact details for nearest salon) – message them twice already.

        The Strawberry website will only have stock in September.

        I cannot believe the struggle to buy a product locally.

  4. Sophia

    OMG All I want is Colourpop 🙂 🙂 I have not tried the brand out as yet. AND WOW love your haul.

    1. admin

      Thanks Sophia, I can’t wait to dig in!

  5. Candice Petersen

    Omg you got so much! I definitely want to get my hands on more Colourpop

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. admin

      What have you tried? Yip it was my first time buying so I just bought a couple of everything that caught my eye.

  6. Lucinda Singh

    Amazing haul!! Please do swatches soon 🙂 i havent ordered anything yet, the exchange rate is so bad at the moment. But will hopefully order in the future lol xo

    1. admin

      I will do! I’m excited to try everything. I’m just a bit worried those blushes look a bit too dark

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